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The above link will take you to my final project flow chart which I made using word document. The flow chart is comprised of different segments that will appear on my community blog. I am still accepting suggestion on how best my blog should appear.


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The Zim Village Blog is a community blog for Zimbabweans living in Columbus, Ohio. This blog is a final project for my New Media Techniques class and the purpose of this blog is to be the center for community information and communication. Community members will access information or post information.

Professor Maher gave me helpful positive feedback on my treatment for this project. One of her suggestion was  that I should identify people interested to be regular contributors as well members of the audience who will read as well as comment on the blog entries. 

I talked to progressive members of the Zimbabwean community who embraced the idea. While the blog will be open to all members of the community , I have identified people who are interested in being regular contributors. Below are the profiles of some of the regular contributors on my blog.

Mr. Zvidzai Ruzvidzo: Mr. is the current Chairman of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Ohio branch. The MDC is Zimbabwe’s largest opposition political party and it has branches in North America, United Kingdom, and South Africa. Mr. Ruzvidzo indicated to me that his weekly contributions will focus on the political developments in Zimbabwe and how the international community is responding to the Zimbabwean crisis.

Dr. Douglas Mpondi: Dr. Mpondi is an assistant professor at the University of Michigan Flint where he teaches online classes on cultural studies and African politics. Dr. Mpondi graduated from Ohio University in Athens with a doctoral degree in Cultural studies. He welcomes the idea of a community blog as a platform to access information about developments taking place in Zimbabwe and issues that affect Zimbabweans in diaspora. He told me his blog entries will be on anything of interest to members of the Zimbabwean community in Ohio.

Mr. Hannington Tsikiwa: Mr. Tsikiwa holds an MBA from Franklin University and works for Chase Bank’s financial department. He is an avid sports fan and is interested in blogging about social issues in the community. He is the team manager for Zim-Ohio, our community social soccer team. He is a community organizer and is always leading most of the community events.

Contributors and users of this blog are any members of the Zimbabwean community in Columbus, Ohio. They will consume and create information bout community social events. Under the events section, community members can post information about anything that may need community help and attendacnce. There will be a discussion section where people will debate issues taking place with relevance to our community.   


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