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Today I was able to talk to Professor Maher about my final project blog rough draft. Her comments have been helpful as they gave me another way to look at what I had presented to her. She stated that my draft was a “skeletal structure up for your site but you still have a lot of work ahead of you.” She suggested that I work on the following this weekend:  

1. Build out the Content, add pages, etc

2. Adjust your blog’s design to reflect your subject matter

3. Create clear organization

4. Make use of widgets when applicable

5. Drive traffic to your site  (build your blogroll).  Who will visit your site?  How will you contact them?

I totally agree with her assessment and I am going to follow her suggestions to improve my blog. What I am hoping to achieve is to create a functional blog that can be put to use by my community. I am so interested in seeing this blog through and I am very confident that I succeed. As I have stated in my previous blogs, the purpose of this blog is to function as a central information and communication hub for members of my community.


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